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Soft play Aberystwyth


For the young Children! From little Babies to about 3 years of age. Our range of age appropriate equipment will mean everyone is happy.

These items are great for dexterity and movement.


Soft Play: The Soft Foam Shapes are easy to build, and soft enough to land on. We supply a Foam Matting that slots together and is capable of going in any room whatever the shape or size.


Wiggle Cars: The Wiggle Cars are great fun and easy to use, for slightly older Children from 3 years up. A great talking point. Best used on a hard wood floor or other smooth surface. They can be used on carpet, but aren't quite as good.


The Baby Bounce: A small Castle that is suitable for Toddlers. It comes without Balls. Balls can be provided at a small extra cost. It comes with a netted screen that can be pulled down to keep Children and Balls inside, although this is easily rolled up for ease of use. There is a small ‘step’ to prevent smaller Children from falling out, and has bright eye catching artwork on the outside .


Products listed below:-

Activity Fun Bounce 

Baby Bounce

Ball Pools 

Foam Shape Pit 

Glitter Tattoos

Large Soft Play

Soft Play Center

Wiggle Cars 


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